about us

The art of building with stone is an ancient one. There are structures built thousands of years ago that are still standing today. We have learned and are inspired by many generations and civilizations before us.

By using stone, our masons work with the harmony of the landscape to create unique works that flow with their surroundings. Sivak Stonemasonry's philosophy reflects a vision where adaptation to the environment intertwines both natural beauty and human artistic design.

The ethics of honesty and integrity are built into everything we do. We see work as an integral part of life, not a separate identity. As we enjoy the percussion of the hammer on stone, we also appreciate the freedom to do what we love. The ability to do work which requires skill has value in itself: we measure success in the quality of the finished project.

Based in southwestern New York, Sivak Stonemasonry will travel anywhere in the world for the right project. Since 1999 we have sustained as a small operation, ensuring personal relationships with our customers. We prefer to work with the customer directly, with a constant strive to exceed expectation.